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Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy
Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences
Hokkaido University
North10, West7, Kita-ku

Tel: ++81-11-706-4088

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Graduate Program in Applied Ethics

Mission Objectives

  • Our Program has four purposes:
  • To train research experts as well as professional practitioners in the field of applied ethics (e.g. ethics of science and engineering, research ethics, environmental ethics, bioethics and business ethics [these listings are not exhaustive]) .
  • To train research experts in the field of philosophy who are equipped with disciplines of applied ethics as well as general ethics.
  • To cultivate human resources who have interdisciplinary knowledge and research skills. We also encourage students to acquire these academic assets through literature-based, theoretical research.
  • To train research experts who have an insight on ethical issues at the global level by maintaining a close cooperation with overseas research institutions. We are also aiming at establishing ourselves as one of the centers of excellence in research and teaching of applied ethics in Asia.

Our Project

  • To operate the Program within the Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences.